Nomadic Civic Sculpture: Sound Bites of Egleston


WhoSalvador Jiminez + Eucaris Jiminez + Quyen Nguyen

Description: Since 2016, The Urbano Fellows and artist Salvador Jiménez-Flores have designed and developed the Nomadic Civic Sculpture, an interactive and adaptable mobile sculpture used to explore themes of The Common and The Other. In each iteration, the project has allowed the Urbano Project to share stories, observations and research from one part of Boston to another. In this session, the presenters are eager to share Sound Bites of Egleston, a multi-media mural that captures the history, essence and current struggles of Egleston communities. The exterior walls of the sculpture will be illustrated with a mural depicting Egleston Square, including its history, various landmarks and the people who live and work there. Inside, personal anecdotes from community members will be showcased through audio pieces and portraits. This overall piece will represent the seen and unseen aspects of Egleston and ensure that the voices of often unheard community members will be recognized.


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