The Overheard: An Ecological Approach to Public Sounding Art


Who: Jonas Kirkegaard

Description: The word overheard has two contrasting meanings. It both refers to the situation where we do not pay attention to what we are supposed to hear, as well as the situation in which we vaguely hear something that was not intended for us. At this session, participants will learn about the research project The Overheard – staging overhearing as an ecological mode of listening. The Overheard is a part of the program for European Capital of Culture, Aarhus 2017, by offering several different listening experiences in the form of thematic live concerts, sound installations and a soundscape webpage. We present sound sculptures at different locations – and connect the locations in real time through an online mixer, where you can mix live audio streams. In the session, the presenter will demonstrate the creative and reflective aspects of The Overheard aiming at opening a discussion on how to critically reflect on our sound surroundings. In this way, the presenter aims to expand Brandon Labelle’s understanding of the overheard as a generative and messy field of possibilities into the area of sound art in public space. An expansion that allows for an ecological approach focused on the multisensory and the atmosphere and raising issues around intimacy and surveillance.

IMG_2016 2.JPG


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