Listen Up! Democracy + the Environment


WhoCraig Lemoult + Edgar Herwick

Description: Listening to radio stories is usually a solitary activity, but gathering to listen as a group can create community and lead to meaningful conversations. WGBH reporters Craig LeMoult and Edgar B. Herwick III are the hosts of ListenUp!, a radio story listening session series at WGBH’s studio at the Boston Public Library. Guests listen to and discuss a range of radio stories around a theme, curated by Craig and Edgar. Previous themes include scary stories, stories of home, transition, the holidays, and winter tales. The theme of this session will be “Democracy and the Environment.” Stories will include one of Craig’s own features on an environmental justice topic in Boston, and Edgar’s historical profile of Rachel Carson, whose book Silent Spring helped launch the modern environmental movement. We’ll also hear stories from NPR reporters and other masters of environmental storytelling on the radio. We’ll discuss each story as a group, and talk about the role that audio storytelling can play in bringing important environmental issues to light.


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