Audio Mapping



Who: Jocelyn Frank + Emily Cohen

Description: Maps can show us many things but what can we hear from them? This session will explore the value of, and applications for, audio maps as tools to represent data and understand spatial patterns in unique ways. Emily Cohen (urban planner and ecological designer) and Jocelyn Frank (audio artist and media consultant) will guide participants through an interactive session inspired by geographer Denis Wood’s book, “Everything Sings.” Participants should be prepared to create, listen and record sounds (individually and in small groups). The session will bring to life a new multi-sensory map that uses sound to explore the Port neighborhood in Cambridge, culminating with a discussion around the strengths and weaknesses of these tools for understanding spatial patterns, demographics and more, as well as potential applications for future works.


East Boston Senses: Field Trip + Listening Tour with ZUMIX’s Radio Street Team + Write Rhythm


WhoBrittany Thomas, the ZUMIX Radio Street Team + Write Rhythm

Description: Through this field trip and listening tour, ZUMIX’s programs, the Radio Street Team and Write Rhythm, will share youth perspectives on housing, displacement and the meaning of home in East Boston. ZUMIX youth think gentrification is a big issue, which has many implications for young people, and wanted to know: how are youth feeling? how much do youth know about what is happening to our neighborhood? In this Listening to the City tour, ZUMIX youth will share images, audio and original songs that represent their lives in East Boston and some of the development’s impact on our neighborhood. We hope this experience will illuminate some of the often unheard and unseen angles of gentrification.


Neighborhood Storytelling through Podcasts


WhoAlex Braunstein

Description: What does a podcast based on a place sound like? There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts in the iTunes store, but no way to search by geography (city, town, or neighborhood). Despite that challenge, many producers are making podcasts that tell stories about and capture sounds of their communities. During this Listening Party, hosted at the PRX Podcast Garage in Allston, we’ll listen to audio clips from three podcasts that examine a physical or cultural geography. After listening, we’ll have a discussion with the producers/hosts of these shows and learn how podcasting can encourage conversation and engagement on a local level. The Podcast Garage is the first community podcasting studio with space to record, learn, and network with other audio makers.